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Bobby Schandra Designer

Bobby Schandra Fashion Designs

Perhaps it was the influence of two semesters spent studying in Florence that initiated Bobby Schandra’s interest in design.  Or perhaps it was his love of art, music and life’s finer things. Whatever the cause, Bobby’s natural instinct for color, texture and fabric propelled him into a family history of fashion design. Today, Bobby directs the product development for his e-retail site and assists in the design and creation of all handbags, belts and fashion watches carrying the Schandra name.

His global aesthetic is attributed to Bobby’s extensive world travel. Among his favorite destinations are the Italian Alps, the French Riveria and India’s crowded marketplaces. His fashions combine elements of ethnic heritage woven with classic European themes, expressed sensually and exquisitely. Always on the cutting edge, Bobby follows fashion from the textile mills to the runways to understand the importance of color, shape and silhouette.  His designs reflect his appreciation for vivid, rich colors and ornate fabrics.

Recognizing the importance of sound mind, body and soul, Bobby fasts, keeps certain days vegetarian and applies himself to a rigorous physical workout regimen. His talents extend into his love for music as well, where he is lead drummer in a band that plays local venues.  Self awareness seminars dot the landscape of Bobby’s background, complimenting his focus on mind and body. 

Not able to stand still, Bobby cherishes his time with friends and they encompass an eclectic group of artists, writers, musicians and stylists. Often the life of the party, he doesn’t own a television set, but prefers being in the middle of things and is constantly out on the town, absorbing culture and observing trends. Bobby doesn’t follow the norms, but sets his own rules, and his designs support that notion. He thinks outside the box, while understanding how to convey current trends into classic contemporary pieces. His notion is that a woman shouldn’t have to spend a great deal of money on an item that will lose its fashion appeal.

As a speaker for Americas Mart University, Bobby directed and coached retailers on how to grow their web presence and retail businesses. His educational background includes a Magna Cum Laude degree from Texas Tech University’s honors program and a European Honors Scholar, for which he received a 6 month study program in Italy. Upon completing his degree, Bobby represented pharmaceutical producer, Johnson & Johnson as a territory representative.

Bobby's beautiful products have adorned numerous celebrities as well as everyday professionals, and are currently distributed in upscale boutiques throughout the United States including the Ritz Carlton. His travel is extensive and he is interested in the performing arts.  A founder of the Limelight Group within The Fashionistas, Bobby actively networks with like-minded fashion-forward professionals dedicated to making a difference in the Dallas community. His commitment to design and aesthetic are a catalyst for his varied interests and professional associations.  

Bobby designs with the active professional in mind. He recognizes her desire to be upscale, stylish and sexy without concern for labels. His customer is confident, sophisticated and enjoys the notion of being an urban dweller, and all that entails.